About Us

The College of Trichological Science and Practice (CTSP) was formed to create a professional pathway for Trichology with its goal to educate learners up to a level where they would be on a par with other leading allied healthcare professionals.

The CTSP will introduce a new professional level within trichology (the Clinical Trichologist), who will be highly educated and will have the ability to provide care and proven treatments for hair and scalp conditions and to liaise with other respected professions when necessary to ensure the best outcome for their patients.

The CTSP are developing a new professional standard in Trichology, combining education and training to Level 6 – degree equivalent, with approved standards in Trichology. We promote high standards of education and expectations of trichological practice and conduct, to create a highly professional, competent and skilled workforce, aligned to the professional standards written by the Trichology Standards Authority.




Our Mission Statement

The CTSP aims to:

  • Raise the profile and respect of Trichology in the eyes of the public and other health care providers
  • Collaborate in a unified sector in the UK, with universal standards and regulations for Clinical Trichology.
  • Increase the minimum levels of training required to be known as a ‘Clinical Trichologist’ 
  • Build sustainable relationships, innovation and good practice between ourselves and other education providers and partners.
  • Widen the provision and pathway accessible to Clinical Trichologists by developing courses in invasive interventional treatments and research
  • Support and collaborate in the creation of a ‘Prescribing Trichologist’ and a Clinical Trichology undergraduate degree in future.
  • Contribute to trichological research and development within the sector


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The Clinical Trichologist will have attained a Level 6 qualification and we introduce the ‘Interventional Clinical Trichologist’ to describe a Level 6 qualified Clinical Trichologist who wishes to specialise further in certain specific interventional treatments, for which they will need to demonstrate they gained the required training and competence in both Trichology and one or more of micro needling, mesotherapy, phlebotomy and platelet rich plasma (PRP) injection. Through this higher education pathway, the Clinical Trichologist, having achieved Level 6, then can offer clinical interventions relevant to hair loss sufferers..